Kids Anime on Netflix

Netflix offers a small collection of animes targeted towards young kids.

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Kid Friendly Anime Series on Netflix

Kid Friendly Anime Movies on Netflix


  1. i feel that there need to be more of them like “Shugo Chara” and “Princess Tutu”. there seem to be a lot more targeted at adults. I know his from personal experience. I’m not going into detail, but it really affects you if you watch something for adult at a really young age.

  2. Yes it does, but there are animes for kids on Netflix, like yuku yenna is a hero, glitter force, and like the Pokemon, why!?!? But sometimes you can look these up to see the rating, I’m not gonna lie, I’m only 15 years old, but I’ve still watched a lot of animes that aren’t meant for just kids, like fairytale, host club, and Sao (sword art online) I am a huge Sao fan, but there is a part in it where they show some breasts, we just have to be carful with it, whatever happens, happens. Skip past inappropriate parts, it’s all fine.

    • Lilly a lot of my friends in middle school watch AOT, Fairy Tail, and others and I myself watch OHHC (which I dont think is that bad, for being about a host club its more funny than innapropriate, while it does have its scenes its really good, also i was super happy to see its on netflix tho I probably wont watch it because im too embarresed) but i still think we need more kids anime because there isnt much i can watch with my 8 yr old brother and am trying so hard to introduce him to good anime.

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