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  1. Welcome to the NHK deserves a higher rating. It’s such a good show with great comedy and deep characters.

  2. Im reallyy not trying to be rude i totally appreciate u guys but forreals how am i supposed to tell the difference between the shows if u literally only grade them from 3.5 – 4.5?? It’d be really awesome n help a lot if u could actually try grading these shows. It’s just inaccurate as heck n confusing when everything only fluctuates .5 and everything else sucks?.. Love the info but ya, thanks tho for ur work.

    • Hey Colours, I appreciate the feedback! All of the ratings are Netflix user ratings. We did not generate these ratings ourselves. But I have to agree with you, they’re not too helpful. Maybe this is something we can do in the future.

      • 🙂 Ya thnx for not takin it the wrong way n takin the time to reply. Silly netfix users lol not gonna lie i just vote 5stars for all the anime i like in hopes they’ll put more up with more votes or something. 🙂 but Like i said u guys are providing n awesome service, appreciate u much, n keep up the good work

        • Yeah I know what you mean with the online ratings all seeming the same. Personally I always rate stuff I like (AoT, KoS, SAO etc) 4 or 5 stars and anything I don’t like as 1 or 2 stars, I feel 3 is too non-committal to be helpful – Wish more of the shows went on for more than 1 or 2 seasons though, I’m rationing my watching of DeathNote to make it last as I like it so much, lol!

          • Yeah Andrew I know what you talking about with the 1-2 seasons. It is like some pretty good anime is either canceled or a rumor to cancel it.

  3. I wish there was more anime on Netflix there’s just not enough when you watch all of it

    • I just hate that they took a lot of the good shows too. Idk what happened to Rin I didn’t even get to finish 🙁

    • We have Apple T.V and my sister got our T.V and Devices set up for Netflix. On the T.V I found the Crunchyroll app, but I haven’t tried signing in since it’s not something I want my family to know I watch, so I just use my iPad. My kids mainly use the main T.v, i used to watched free anime on Crunchyroll app. I found out they were going to charge users to pay so I stopped. Idk if it’s still free, but I’m happy with Netflix and I see they are trying to get kids to watch kids Pokemon and Glitter Force.

  4. Hey! Thuis list of animes is from the Netflix in america? Here in Holland we dont have any anime on Netflix.. Is there a way to get. The american Netflix?

    • That’s really odd. I know this is late reply but have you tried just searching a certain series title and going from there?

      • Here in New Zealand we only get like 13 of these so yeah very disappointing and dont really understand why netflix does this

        • It has to do with licensing. If another streaming service owns the license in your contry they can’t just show it. You need licences for every contry.

        • heres why they have a crappy system called “regional taste” where they would only put certain shows on a place depending on what they think that region will like its a pretty dumb reason not to have that certain show on netflix

  5. I really wish this wouldn’t have happened, but they removed all of the Hetalia series from Nextlix. Such a shame, it’s a great/more popular anime…

    • Really late reply i know, but Hetalia has many jokes some would consider racist. Someone probably complained.

  6. Gargantia on the verdurous planet as well as K have been added to Netflix sometime already this month of May 2015

  7. Does anyone know of an anime on netflix that on the first episode it was about twin white haired boys and they get cast off a ship onto a planet and halfway through the episode one of the brothers dies from being eaten by a plant, its bugging the shit out of me that i can’t remember it

  8. Can the rest of Naruto, and fairy tail get added oh!! And dragon ball and the rest after that!?!? And  Princess Mononoke?

  9. Does anybody know that anime show the a hybrid creature that gets summoned by a boy with funky gloves on and in the show he find a tablet it a library that is in a lair under a dojo if remember right???

      • I think netflix recently took those down. I wish they had the entire series. It’s awesome!

  10. Im not sure anyone could help me. I am looking for a name of an anime show that was shown on Netflix the end of last year or the beginning of this year. I remember it had the name Joy in the title. Can anyone help me? From the very beginning of the show it had me hooked. Also looking for the name of an anime where there is this guy, very funny, and a really tall girl that walks around with him and a pig? Anyone know the titles of either one?

    • Hi, I have no idea what the first one you are asking for is…I’ve never come across a show with the word “Joy” in the title. Do you know anymore info on it? As for the second one, I’m fairy certain that the show you’re looking for is Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins). I hope that’s what you’re looking for! 🙂

    • It kind of sounds like you are talking a bout seven deadly sins, but I’m not sure…

    • Is the show called “7 deadly sins”, I know it doesn’t have the word “Joy” in the title but from your description I think it could be that?

  11. Black Butler season 1 was added! Now the first two seasons are available, and those of us who only watch dubbed due to focus point vision issues are desperately seeking the third season in English! I highly recommend this anime, just don’t give up on it when things get confusing.

    • Yes! It took me a few days to get past some episodes because it gets slow. BUT DONT GIVE UP! Black Bulter and Attack on Titan are my favorite Netflix shows. Does anyone have any ideas for English anime on Netflix or any other dramatic and thrilling Netflix shows. Comment if you have any ideas.

      • Madoka Magika, ignore the art style, the show is missleading you for the forst couple episodes.
        Problem is that the anime itself is not the full thing, there are 3 movies of Madoka as well, the first 2 being a redone version of the first season and the third one (rebellion) being the actual addition to the anime, which was beyond amazing imo.

      • I would say absolutely check out soul eater and blue exorcist their great shows though English for blue exorcist does have some cussing.

      • Death Note is a good one! It has suspense, horror, and thrill! The complete series is available on Netflix in English and Japense.

  12. Thanks so much for listing this! I appreciate it! You guys rule! Thank you! 😀

  13. Hi if yall could help me find this anime that’d be helpful, its about a dude who’s completely afraid of girls gets whisked to a planet where 90+% of the population is female?
    Itd be appreciated if you could help!

  14. Just finished Silver Spoon. Awesome anime. Which coincidently was the last anime that was on Netflix, so I’ve run out. Somebody down at netflix needs to realise that Otakus are a growing number.
    Stay strong and subscribe to Crunchy roll.

    • Ya there could be tons more anime put on, and it would be nice if none if it ever expired so I could go back to watch the ones that have come and gone.

      • These are my favorites I’ll watch forever and ever. Hunter x hunter, Kenichi, Chihayafuru, Welcome to the nhk, and Eureka 7.

    • I enjoyed Silver Spoon a lot too. Really wish there is a third season available. Great look at a rural ag high school. Great slice of life drama/comedy.

    • i hope you realise the word Otaku is meant to be an insult… just say Anime Fandom >__<

      • I think you’re thinking of the word weeaboo. Otaku generally means just a fan of some aspect of Japanese culture(anime, manga, music, cosplay, games, ect).

        • Actually, otaku in Japanese is a word synonymous with the meaning of the word “nerd” in America. In Japan otaku doesn’t only refer to anime lovers, and is usually meant with a negative connotation.

      • Hey! It’s not an insult when u are not embarrassed of what u are. Me and my daught proudly wear the name.

        • It’s a negative word in Japan, you are insulting yourself by using it. Why you’d go full weeb and not just say “people who like anime” I will never understand.

  15. Does anyone know the show where this girl and her parents go somewhere and tge parents ate food and turned into pigs and she tries not to while trying to change her parents back and this guy helps her to

  16. hoping to end my anime search here,
    I only remember the synopsis given on netflix or elsewhere. A show about saving the world against aliens (or something) by using colors to paint the world. LOL sounded like a trip and i regretted not watching it.

    at this point im questioning if its even an anime i saw

  17. I’ve been looking for some more anime along the lines of highschool of the dead, dead man wonderland, Tokyo ghoul, etc. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • if it’s horror/action type you’re looking for try
      Blood lad , Blood + , Blood C , Shikki , Another, Trinity Seven (i highly recommend) mmm have you seen Akame ga kill?

    • Try Mirai Nikki, it means The Future Diary… it is really dark, depressing, and filled with murder… its is actually pretty good

  18. Can anyone help me find out this show/movie? A couple years ago, my parents and I had Netflix, but we could only get it through mail. One time we got this one anime movie/tv show (can’t remember which) and all I remember is this little girl and boy (sister and brother I believe) and they were in this one weird town or world where there were a whole bunch of short people in brown cloaks, and i remember one of them stole the girls’ purse and they chased after the guy for a while… that’s all I can recall… help??

  19. Does anyone know the name of one anime where this guy lives woth a bunch of girls and they all like him? I saw some of it awhile ago but forgot the name….

  20. Netflix needs to add Toradora , Another, Is this a zombie?, Kāmpfer , Shikki and others!!! OH and Hamtaro x3

  21. Does anyone know the name of an anime about a guy and a girl who had long pink hair and maybe she had a sword ? and they had powers like fire powers I think and I believe that they were related and there’s one scene where they’re out to a nice dinner and monsters or something destroy the restaurant so they go to a ramen stand. This is not a lot of information hahaha but I watched it a while ago and it’s not up anymore and I’m dying to know the name

  22. They need these animes on netflix
    1. Tokyo ghoul
    2. Kaiyouka no kanata (aka beyond the boundary)
    3. Shakugan no Shana
    The reason why is that they are not on crunchyroll.

  23. N.H.K deserves 4.5-5 stars. The main character is basically just this: First I Herp over here, then I Derp over there…

  24. Now I don’t expect anyone to know this anime because frankly I barely remember it myself.. But I was watching adult swim and it was based in Japan. There was a boy and a girl maybe in their preteens maybe teens but at night they hunted creatures and they killed them with boxes the boy could summon blue boxes and the girl could summon green boxes they could be trapped inside these boxes which appeared translucent and banished from the world.. Hopefully this is enough information wish I could help out more but I only saw one episode…

  25. Can you guys help me find an anime?
    Its about a little girl that has a soul of a goddes inside her. She also has a childhood friend(hes like a monk i think and is still in training) that was instructed to protect her (more likely the spirit in her) but he doesnt like the girl. I think in the first episode it explains why she can’t use any electronic and couldnt have a phone. She also was sitting in a computer lab with her friends when her computer goes haywire and she sees someone in the computer.she wears glasses and she has 2 pigtails. I dont know what the anime is called can someone help me plz???

  26. Yeah this sucks I’ve have quite literally seen every one on this list, and the accompanying later season on chrunchyroll. Also my chrunchyroll is down right now so that’s why I’m back on Netflix.

  27. Anyone could recomend an anime show similar to The Seven Deadly Sins (PG-13) ?

  28. Guys what is that one anime that they live in a big dome and there are huge bugs on the lout side its buging the crap out of me

    • I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Chrome Shelled Regios, although more info (like what the domes are and what the giant bugs look like) could really help.

  29. I started to watch Netflix around 2010-2011 I remember it having a lot more anime really good anime like high school of the dead elfen lied & linebarrels of iron know what I mean? now they got stuff like Your Lie in April Yuki Yuna is a hero & glitter force WTF whatever happen to needless demon king and this other one that I cant remember or what its about I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

    • Your Lie in April was actually really good, but I agree that referring to Glitter Force as anime is an insult to anime.

  30. There used to be Hetalia: Paint it, White! But now there’s not and I’m sad…

  31. Whoever is in charge of the site,
    A lot of titles were recently taken off of netflix, like Kotoura-San. I’m not sure which others, but I know you can google the full list of titles that were taken off at the beginning of April 2016. Sorry I’m not trying to be a pest, just thought you might want to know about the recent update. Anyway, I love this site and it has helped me further my interest in anime, so I appreciate the work that is already put into this site. Have a nice day!! (:

    • Thanks for the kind message! I am out of the country until the end of the month but I will update everything very shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  32. Are they making a 2nd season for blue exorcist. and if there are does anyone know when its coming out on Netflix

    • I do not believe they will make a second seasons because they strayed so far from the manga they’d have to do something completely different

  33. They need the rest of Hunter x Hunter and now that Tokyo Ghoul has been dubbed I would realy like to see that added

  34. i dont have netflix but, is that really all the anime they have available?

  35. Anyone know of an anime where its some pervy guy and he peeks at women and gets crazy nose bleeds there was a scene at the end of the series with him trying to get to the girls bathhouse and ends up creating a war in a mountain with the girls theres also another scene were he peeks in the girls bathroom on accident and the girls catch him its a funny anime that has pervy chracters not sure if it was on netflix but its a very breif description of the scene. If more ingo is needed let me know and email me at

    • It really sounds like Heaven’s Lost Property, but if you say that’s not it then the other thing that comes closest to mind might be Sekirei.

    • It sounds similar to Baka and Test. not sure though. it has lots of nosebleeds and “accidental” perversion. also has lots of battles between the school classes as that is the premise of the show. I think they go to a mountain school at the end of the second season and the main group of guys tries to sneak into the girls bath area

  36. There was this one anime series about this priestess and her younger cousin, they were forced by this evil priest to resurrect this demon who he thought would help him conquer all of the kingdom but it turns out he was a good guy of sorts and then him/the priestess ended up together in the end. The cousin and his older cousin the priestess were part of this clan. It had a midieval feel to it with castles and such. Was on Netflix and the same time as Legend of Legendary Heroes 2-3 years ago. Can someone help me out?

  37. also there was this anime on Netflix and it was where there were elements light, water, dark, fire, nature, and maybe air. The main character had a hybrid fire creature.
    They had these glove things to sumon them.
    What is the name of that anime?????

  38. Can anybody think of a show that sort of relates to The Irregular at Magic High School? Thank you for anybody who answers. I LOVE that show!!

  39. Hey guys what’s up there was this anime I watched back in 2014 on Netflix it was about this space woman who was trying to find this being who could save their world and she referred to the being as “the great being” and she and her team go to this planet where they think he might be so she sees this deserted structure where she thinks he might but finds this boy instead….then they get invaded by these aliens that look like squids or some shit then the boy transforms into this god like mecha like humanoid where the woman senses the Great beings power and she says “the great being he is with us” then this mecha God whatever completely destroys the aliens and in one scene he has this gun that literally when he fired it,it made this gigantic super massive hole into a mountain 3 times the size of Mount Everest(the planets atmosphere color is a teal color) and after he killed the aliens he passes out…the team finds him and they leave the planet and let him recover…..the anime cover is also in a teal background featuring a blonde girl at the front….damn literally I described the pilot episode

  40. There’s an anime where he breaks bones with his hand without touching anyone and on the last episode he wishes to disappear. Please help me what anime is this?

  41. There’s an anime where he breaks bones with his hand without touching anyone and wishes to disappear at the last episode please help me idk the name of it

  42. Does anyone remember an anime with the main charcter searching for there mother but followed by shadow people, goes on a school trip and leaves the group to meet there mom and finds a note instead and the shadow ppl are trying to get them?

  43. Is nextflix ever going to put Swords Art Online2 in Dub? I am guessing the Seven Deadly Sins isn’t going to have any more seasons come out. If anyone has any information on what I said I would be happy to hear because like most of y’all I like Anime too!

  44. Anyone know what happened to rosario vampire? It was on netflix months ago, before we canceled it, and i heard they were releasing capu3 and i got netflix just to see it and now the entire show is gone

  45. Why was Ouran High School Host Club removed!? That was like, one of the best anime on Netflix!

  46. Ouran and Black Butler were removed? Pity, those were my favourite anime on Netflix.

  47. Hey hope someone can help me I’m looking for a show. I remember a scene where it had one guy teaching a younger guy the meaning of humans. They walked in to a building where they saw a group of people that was gather in a circle with the people hugging each other starting with strong healthy men on the outside and women in the inside and the elderly in the inside that were keeping a young girl alive with there body heat. I know is that he died and was brought back to life to redo a war that he failed to do right the first time.

    • Okay people this is bugging me! I watched a show on here around 2015 it was about one girl and two boys one had red hair and staying with the girl in her house. I want to say that the red headed buy couldn’t control his powers or something like that and the other boy helps him.
      That’s seriously all I can remember about it but it’s bugging h crap out of me that I can’t remeber the name!

  48. hey do you guys know an anime where theres a guy and his older sister dies and theyre on a planet and he falls in love with a blonde very strong second year fighter and they all the girls fight to protect theyre sacred thingy and the boys help them out its really good and the first season on netflix was dubbed but the second one was subbed i cant remember the name but i really wanna watch it

  49. does any one know the anime about a blood virus thats transmidable and can turn people into metalic monsters

  50. Hey does anyone happen to know of an anime where there was a boy and a girl and they came across this type of alien like stuff, and the girl liked it but the boy didnt it, and the alien thing could kind of tell the future, and the girl was taken away from the boy and the boy tried to save her. The description is really vauge and im so sorry but i have been looking for this anime for 4 years and i haven’t been able to find it. If anyone can help that would be great. It was on Netflix for only one season i believe, and the animation was not that old possibly 2008 to 2011.

  51. I’m angry that they removed most of the great animes! I mean Ik what you guys mean by getting kids to watch anime, but all the REAL animes are not for kids!

  52. I see everyone finding their anime that they don’t remember so maybe you all can help me out with this one…? I don’t remember too much but here it goes…
    There’s a boy, he’s the only boy in a club he made; Astronomy Club. He is legitimately the only one. Something happens, and all of a sudden he is surrounded by these girls that are capable of magic… But they’re limited. If they use up too much of their magic, they die. How they die? They melt… Gruesomely. He has to help them so that they don’t melt… I believe that is how it goes.

  53. hey can some one help me out im having a hard time remembering an anime. its about a boy who goes to an observatory everyday after school. one day he meets a strange girl who warns him not to get in the bus back to town because he will die on it, he did it anyways. he was then saved by the same girl who turns out to be his child hood friend who fell in a river when playing at the dam. the girl has super powers and is supposedly a rogue that had escaped the organization the created her and the organization sends out others like her to stop her, in one of the main first fight the boy discover that his friends who fell in the dam is still alive because the girl (same one who saved him ) has a beauty mark under her armpit but unfortunately one of the organizations creations had reversed time causing the boy to forget of the incident. this was as far as I’ve gotten, if anyone remembers this anime please let me know
    ps. it was on Netflix a few years ago.

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