Anime Movies on Netflix

The complete list of anime movies available to stream on Netflix (the list is updated regularly).

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  1. UGHHHH!!!!! Netflix needs more anime im getting so bored of the 1 season shows when there is way more seasons than that. Im thinking of switching over to hulu i hear they have way more anime

    • If you don’t mind watching subbed anime Crunchyroll would be the better choice because the simulcast anime on the day of release in Japan.

    • And Hulu is terrible about having 2 dubbed and the rest subbed for those of us that have to have something to listen to and not watch.

    • Sometimes when Animes are newer, Netflix will either wait to put them on till’ they are fully made, or put them up, without the English dub, but soon they will put them up! 😀 so just hang in there 😛

  2. I love sword art online, fairytale, and host club, but while I’m waiting for Sword art online 2, to be dubbed on Netflix, which will take forever 😛 I need more animes to watch, and I agree, there are like, none. D:

  3. I’m trying to find a two part film that used to be available for streaming on Netflix back in 2014-2015 (I think)

    The plot consisted of demons crossing over to the human dimension/reality and unleashed obscene carnage. The protagonists included a man wielding a sword that was locked in its sheath by some sort of eye looking thing, and a sort of half demon, half human guy that rides around on a motorcycle…. plz Halp!!!

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