One-Punch Man Is Now on Netflix!

Anime fans rejoice! The popular anime, One-Punch Man, is now available to stream on Netflix (subbed)!

As for March updates, Netflix has renewed a few anime titles which can now be streamed again including the Ghost in the Shell Arise series (just in time for the release of live action film).

Netflix adds:

  • The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
  • Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Ghost Pain
  • Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Ghost Whispers
  • Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Ghost Tears

Anime on Netflix February 2017 Update

A couple new anime were added to the Netflix streaming library for February.

Netflix adds:

  • Cyborg 009: Call of Justice

  • Gantz:O

A new season (four episodes) of The Seven Deadly Sins has also been added.

Netflix removes:

  • Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Border 3: Ghost
  • Season 4 of Naruto

Anime on Netflix January 2017 Update

Netflix has been neglecting anime fans for the past several months now. There are no new additions this month.

Netflix removes:


  • Black Butler
  • Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
  • Nana
  • Red Data Girl


  • Blade of the Phantom Master: Shin Angyo Onshi


Anime on Netflix December 2016 Update

Netflix hasn’t updated their anime library much recently.

Netflix adds:

  • Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie

Netflix removes:


  • Fairy Tail

  • Heaven’s Lost Property

  • Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne

  • Ouran High School Host Club

  • Rosario + Vampire

  • Soul Eater


  • Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos


Anime on Netflix October 2016 Update

Netflix added a new anime series and renewed a few expired anime licenses (including Death Note!) for this month.



  • Robotech


  • Death Note
  • Vampire Knight
  • Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I
  • Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black
  • Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse
  • Naruto Shippuden: The Movie
  • Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds